You Can Get There From Anywhere

This is something I share with my students quite often, there are no wrong paths, they all will get you to where Spirit is leading you. Some are easier, some are more picturesque, some are like walking through fire, but they all get you to where you are going.

I was so amused on the trip I recently took with my son (digging for dinosaur bones in South Dakota – I promise I’ll share that story I mentioned soon!) when we were looking for something for him to eat. We are both vegetarians and gluten free so I always make and pack lots of good food for us when we travel, but after several days of the same thing, he tends to start looking for something else to eat.

Awhile back (on another trip) we discovered we could eat at Taco Bell. Not my favorite, but my son likes it. For this trip, my mom lent me her super cool Garmin that works on voice command. So, when he asked to see if I could find a Taco Bell, I asked Garmin to find the nearest Taco Bell and voila, there was one just a few miles away.

Garmin had us get off at the next exit, which put us on a secondary highway, from there we got on another highway, and one more and then off at a street. I was watching our estimated time of arrival to our final destination grow by minutes. My son wanted to turn around, but I figured we’d gone as far as we had, he was getting his Taco Bell. We joked that these were going to be the best Tacos ever!

We eventually made it to the Taco Bell where he got seven Beans and Rice Hard Shelled Tacos (seriously) and according to him, they were the best ever (he’s sweet.) As we got back on the road, Garmin recalculated and the entrance to the highway we were originally on was one right turn and one left turn from the Taco Bell. Literally, it was 2 minutes from the Taco Bell.

We laughed and laughed and I said, ‘see, that’s what I’m always saying, there are many roads to get to where you are going, the question is do you take the easier way or the harder way and what do you learn along the way.’  In truth, both paths are the right path, but the easier path comes when we step into conscious co-creation with our own life lessons. It comes when we understand what we are working on, how we are working on it and when we have energetic tools to do something about all of it.  That last piece is the most important one. You can see and understand your lessons, but if you don’t know how to manage them, how to work through them, how to heal what you need to heal; you just keep creating opportunities in the hopes you will eventually learn, heal and grow through that lesson.

So it is in having energy tools that help you do all three – see, understand it and then heal it, that creates the easier path.

But just remember as you go through your days and you are wondering, which is the right decision, what’s the right step, what is the right path; it all will lead you to where you are going. It all leads you to learn, heal and grow; it’s just a question of how you do it and how long it will take you.

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Photo by Tanaphong Toochinda on Unsplash