Christine Agro’s Wishing Punch

I first made this brew for a gathering of a group of my students.  It has since become something I make when friends, loved-ones, and students come to visit. It is a beautiful deep red color and full of fragrant spices and enchanting flowers. Each ingredient has its own energetic purpose and offers healing, support, connection to the Divine and amplifies our ability to connect, create and manifest.

I use a crystal bowl or a crystal pitcher which has its own high vibration; attracting abundance and emitting a healing vibration; to serve this punch. The first time I made this, I poured the punch (still hot, but not hot enough to crack the bowl) into the bowl. The liquid resonated with the crystal and beautiful rose patterns spread across the surface in a misty film.  At first, I thought the roses must be echoing the pattern of the cut crystal, but looking more deeply I realized there were no roses in the crystal pattern itself. It was both beautiful and magical to behold. 

I also take advantage of the transformative properties of water and infuse the final brew by cupping my hands around the bowl or the pitcher and running the energies of magic, transformation, creation and manifestation from me into the water.  It’s a simple process and requires little more than having the intention to emit these energies from your hands.

Guests are invited to make a wish prior to drinking their punch.


Hibiscus: Good Fortune and a connection to the Divine Feminine

Rose Hips: Love, prophetic dreams, healing, and a connection to Venus and the Divine

Color Red: Connection to the astrological Sun sign, Scorpio, whose motto is “I Create”; life’s blood, renewal, motivation, desire

Cinnamon: Spiritually, healing, psychic powers, protection, love and knowledge

Cloves: Love, protection, money

Ginger: Love, money, success, power, passion, inspiration

Black Pepper: Courage, banish negative energy


Tasting is your best friend with this recipe (and most of my recipes)

Almost fill an 8-quart stainless steel stockpot with water.

Add either 10-20 tea bag each containing 1 tablespoon of cut hibiscus and rosehips or place  10 – 20 tablespoons of cut herbs in the pot.

4- 8 cinnamon sticks

4 three inch pieces of fresh ginger peeled and cut into medallions

20 whole cloves crushed using a mortar and pestle

Whole black pepper crushed – add to taste. I like my punch a little spicy so I use a good deal of black pepper.

Bring water to a boil and then simmer for 20-30 minutes tasting frequently.

Add more spices and cut herbs if needed. 

Once brewed, use a stainless steel strainer to separate the spices and herbs from the liquid. 

To sweeten add honey or simple sugar (1 cup of water to 1 cup of cane sugar heated slightly on the stove).

Finish by infusing the brew with manifestation, magic, creation and the ability to make wishes come true.

*You may not swipe, copy or paste this recipe without proper links and credit – Bad Juju will ensue.  All you need to do is ask and respect. <3