I think I mentioned this before, but for years I had a fear of speaking. It was excruciating. I would shake so badly you could see me shivering from the back of the room. The fear was so intense I would have a difficult time taking in air. Once, I even hyperventilated.

After I had my awakening and learned how to look at challenges in my life as keys to what I was working to learn and heal, I gained a different perspective on my fear of speaking. In fact, I actually had a perspective, where before, it was simply an incredibly uncomfortable experience. Through clairvoyance and an understanding of how our lives unfold spiritually,  I had an idea of what was behind my fear of speaking. Every fear stems from something we want or need to heal and with the ability to look at energy (that’s a teachable tool by the way 😉 ) I began to unravel my fear of speaking.

When I looked at it energetically, I saw that it was connected to a fear of speaking my truth. So I set about excavating everything connected to my fear of speaking my truth. Things from my childhood, things from past lives. Dig and clear, dig and clear. That might sound like work, but I don’t see it that way. Not in the sense of it being effortful. Learning and healing in this way were far more palatable then standing in front of people and hyperventilating.

After several years of working on my fear of speaking my truth, I found that I still got overly nervous speaking (a little nervous is normal, overly nervous, not so normal!) At one point, I felt frustrated that I’d been digging and clearing and I was still not fully comfortable speaking. So I shook my fist and said ‘what am I missing?’ And voila! it wasn’t long after that I had the realization that there was a second fear there, the fear my truth wouldn’t be accepted.

This was an easy one to clear because my Truth is contrary to that fear. My Truth is that my information will resonate with whomever it is meant to and if it doesn’t, that’s ok. When my information doesn’t resonate with someone, I see it still as helping to facilitate their growth. They get to take one more step toward what does resonate as True for them.  Without any real hook or investment, it was easy to clear away anything old and out of date that was linked to that fear and my speaking experiences went from uncomfortable to enjoyable.

This morning I was out walking Pudge (he’s 9lbs by the way) and someone who follows my work popped into my head. I know that she works on trying to cultivate patience and in that wonderful claircognizant way it hit me: she continues to struggle with cultivating patience because it isn’t what she’s actually working on. What she is working on is cultivating tolerance.

So if you have been trying to shift something in your life. Try to look at your challenge from a different perspective. Consider whether there is a different lesson you are trying to learn outside of what you thought you were working on!

It is through our process of Awakening and learning the tools to pull back the cover and see what lessons we are working and where and what we need to heal that shifts the way we live. No scratch that, that actually brings us to a state of truly living. We become active participants in the flow of our own lives, digging and clearing and the more we dig and clear, the more in alignment we become with our True Self and THAT’s when life really flows!

If you want to find out how you can start to pull back your own cover and get some insight into things you’ve been working on, I’ve opened up time after my day-long Deepen Your Intuition event on October 14 for you to set up a conversation with me. It’s my gift to you. It needs to wait until after the 14th though because, well, see my events calendar below.  Here’s the link www.takeastepwithme.com   (please remember if you’ve benefited from a call within the last 12 months, you’ll need to wait to do another one. You can always ask me question though on FB when I do #FridayFinds – sometimes these are topic specific, sometimes they are open-ended)

In the meantime, examine what your challenges are and see if you can identify what lessons you are trying to learn. Post on my closed FB Group or shoot me an email. I’d love to hear what you find.

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