At this stage of your Spiritual journey you’ve most likely heard something along these lines, ‘You attract what you send out,’ and if you are like any of the many people I meet and speak to, those words become a platitude that we all understand and nod or head to, but really mean little in terms of shifting the way we create the things we want in our life.

Spiritual information can be simple and practical and that tends to be what comes to me. It isn’t the ‘what’s the sound of one-hand clapping in the wind,’ kind of wisdom that leaves you scratching your head and wondering ‘what the heck?’ Or the information that you hear and go, ‘huh, that’s interesting, that makes sense, but what do I do with it?’  My information tends to come with the instruction manual.

So today, when I got this lovely and simple piece of information, I thought, ‘oh, that makes so much sense and is so easy to understand.’

Here it is!

What blocks your manifestation? How many times have you heard ‘You get what you put out there.’ or ‘If you lead with fear you get more fear?’ or something along those lines?

For me, I’m going to say, more times than I can count.

Here’s what I got this morning. When you want to create something – more money, more time, love, a job, think of it this way: You send the thought or intention out and it hits a mirror and comes back to you.

If you send out ‘OMG I don’t have enough money!’ What comes back? OMG I don’t have enough money!  If you send out ‘I’m never going to find a partner.’ What comes back? ‘I’m never going to find a partner.’

The key to creating what we want is being clear about what we want to be returned to us and this notion of the mirror is brilliant because it helps us to fine-tune or refine what we are communicating.

Think of all the times you send out ‘I’m not good enough,’ ‘I can’t do this,’ or ‘I don’t know if I can do this.’ What comes back – what hits the mirror and comes back, exactly what you thought, said, or felt.

Or the times you send out, ‘I really want this, but I hope it works.’ What comes back is our indecision or lack of certainty.

In crafting our intentions we need to have these things:

  • Certainty – the unwavering belief that we can have what we want.
  • Clarity of Intention – a fine-tuned expression of what it is that we want. No ambiguous words, nothing that’s left to interpretation. Clearly expressed intention.
  • Purity of Thought – or mindset management. What you think is what you are creating. Every thought goes out, hits the mirror and returns. What are you sending out?
  • The ability to receive what we are creating.

Spend the next two weeks with this notion of The Mirror and see what happens. How do you experiences change? What flows into your life? Come back and tell me here or on my Awaken & Grow FB group. I love to connect and find out what’s working, what you’re experiencing and how things are shifting.


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