Continuing my thoughts on being stuck,’ in my post ‘How To Get Unstuck!‘I thought it was important to look at the practical aspects of taking steps.

I’m deep into the Spiritual side of things and looking at how and why we have fear, how and why we feel stuck and understanding that each step is connected to our own growth, but even with all of that, I’m a firm believer in physical action. Vision + Action = Movement!

Even if we are Spiritual, conscious and aware, very little will happen in our lives if we don’t act.

So today, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite ways I act on my vision, that I take steps to bring what I want to create, or am being guided to create, into reality.

*I am not being paid by anyone to promote their product. I believe in supporting people when they have something good to share. Open Heart, Open Hand!

Mind Maps

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I love Mind Maps. I think I use a variation on the original, but in my experience, even this has worked wonders for me.

In a Mind Map your start with a central concept, a single word, and you place that word in the center of a piece of paper. Then you draw branches extending from that central concept and each branch gets a word, and  then you draw smaller branches off of each of those words and you keep going. It’s a creative way to focus your thoughts.

This is a great page that explains Mind Maps. Scroll down to see the 5 steps.

But what I have found is that it is a powerful way to help create action for your vision. And I discovered this through the Dreambook and Planner

Dreambook and Planner

This has been an amazing tool for me. The Dreambook starts with you dreaming about what you want to create in the most broadest sense and then helps you focus those dreams into something tangible. It utilizes Mind Mapping, which I mentioned above and I LOVE doing. Since adding the Dreambook and Planner to my Manifestation Process, I have been aware that I have accomplished much of what I ‘dreamed’ about at the beginning of the year.

The way that this is an adaptation of Mind Mapping is that rather than sticking to single words, I create a central thing that I want to create and then off of that the branches become the ways that I ‘think’ that I will accomplish what I want to do. So for example one of my central focuses was to reach more people and off of that I drew branches with ways that I might be able to do that – speak more, do more webinars, write more etc.

And then in the planner you set out the projects you will work on each quarter.  You take your Mind Map and start to plan those things that will help you achieve that which you’ve mapped.

Some of the things I get done, some get removed as I realize they don’t really fit with what I’m doing and others get moved to the next quarter.

What I have found is that I am accomplishing so much.  Maybe every year I accomplish so much and I never realized it, but now I have something to reflect back on and something that actually demonstrates what I’m creating.

It’s been invaluable to me.

Other Planners Equally as Great

Passion Planner

Self Journal

After falling in love with the Dreambook and Planner, I fell in love with planning in general and started to explore other planners. Here are a two others to check out but you can find countless options. Explore them and find the one you like the best. Or as in my case, I have several and I use them to approach what I am creating from different perspectives.

Self Journal
Passion Planner

Law of Attraction Planner

Once I saw the power in writing out intentions I ‘stumbled upon’ the Freedom Mastery Law of Attraction Goal Planner & Organizer (30 Day process.) I’ve found this a great way to supercharge what I want to create.It gives you an 8 step process to map out the life you want and create it. And I just heard someone say ‘well, what if I don’t know what I want?’ When I teach my 40 Days to Creating More program, one of the key pieces of information is that you don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to have everything figured out. If you wait for that moment, it will never come because we are always growing and evolving and what made sense for us yesterday, may not make sense for us today. You have to start somewhere. If you don’t know what you want to create for yourself, start off with identifying what you want as your goal. Then everything that you do will be guiding you to identifying what you want.  But if you keep waiting to know what it is, you will continue to feel stuck.

Action Plan

If you aren’t putting time and energy into what you want to create, you aren’t going to create it.

If you are stuck, I suggest you start with some mind mapping of what you think you want to do and then create an action plan. What small step can you take to move you toward that which you want to create. Sometimes all it takes is that single step to get the ball rolling.