As varied as we are as individuals we are equally varied in the ways we run and experience energy. My passion is to help you understand your own unique ways of moving through the world so that you can harness your sensitive super powers and make them work for you.

Today, I thought I’d share with you a great way to better understanding how you process information.

Just because you are energetically or emotionally sensitive, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything you do comes from a ‘feeling’ place. In fact, many of us have adopted strategies to offset our sensitivities or to vet our emotional experience.

There is a simple way for you to better understand what aspect of yourself is ‘running the show’ so to speak and that is through the words you use at any given moment.

These 5 Words Say A Lot


How and when we use these words can give us tremendous insight into what we are experiencing, the way we experience and what our needs may be.


This is the ‘go-to’ empath word. When we use ‘feel’ it means we are working with our emotional body, that place that filters our experiences through not only our own life moments but oftentimes the life moments of our families and friends. When we use ‘feel’ we are also tapping into our clairsentience – which is our higher form or energetic form of feeling. We feel the energy and that translates into our reaction to or assessment of whatever is going on.

Here are two examples:

I feel like you aren’t listening to me.

I feel like something is bother you.

As empath’s we really do ‘feel’ it. In the first example, you are experiencing a sense of invalidation which is hitting you energetically and you feel that. In the second example, you are tapping into the emotional experience of the person and you can actually feel the energy, you can feel their anger, their frustration, their sadness.


Over the years of working with Empaths and highly sensitive people, one of the key strategies I see is using the mental body to process information.  When I look at this strategy in Discovery Sessions the mental body becomes the evaluator of the emotional body and the Empath’s clairsentience. People become over-reliant on the mental body to evaluate because typically, an Empath’s emotional responses get dismissed or twisted because those in their lives either criticize the emotional response or for fear of being seen so clearly, lie. Think – ‘mommy, why are you mad at daddy?’ to which mommy replies, ‘I’m not mad at daddy,’ despite actually being mad. As a child, this bends your ‘truth-o-meter.’ You were certain that mommy was mad, but mommy says she isn’t, so you must have misread what your emotional body was telling you.  In comes the mind to make sense of this and to become the linear filter for all emotional information moving forward.

Here are two examples:

I think that you are angry with me.

I think I’ll need to sit with that a bit before I make a decision.

In both cases, you are responding to what you are picking up emotionally and then funneling it through your mind in order to evaluate your emotional response. It’s important to understand that what you are thinking about IS actually what you are feeling.

When ‘I think’ comes up for you, take some time to consider what is it that you are thinking about? What are you responding to? If you come to realize that it is typically what you are feeling, then you can actually start to assess your reactions and responses from what is true for you, rather than through the filter of your mental body.


When we ‘see’ we are accessing our clairvoyance and for me, this is one of the best places to operate from because our clairvoyance has a level of neutrality to it. When we see, we aren’t seeing through the filters of our emotional experience or our mental limitations. When I work with people, this is the basis of what I teach – to shift to a place of clear seeing (that’s what clairvoyance translates to in English – clear seeing.)  Once we have the neutrality to see clearly, then we move back to embracing our clairsentience.

When ‘see’ pops up in our conversations it means we are using our clairvoyance to understand and communicate.

Here are two examples:

I see what you are saying.

I see what you mean.

When we use ‘see’ in our communication space we are indicating that we not only hear the words, but we actually see the energy and oftentimes the underlying meaning or what is unsaid.

We see the many layers and whether you are consciously aware or not, you most likely see pictures or images when people speak. If you are anything like me, when people speak and I’m in that clairvoyant space, I see a movie unfold as they speak.


Similar to SEE, HEAR has us using our clairaudience (or clear hearing) to hear the nuances of what’s being spoken. When we say ‘I hear you,’ what we are saying is I hear all the layers of what you are talking about, whether you meant for them to be heard or not. HEARing can be directly connected to FEELing because we are hearing the emotional quality or undercurrents of what someone is saying.

Here’s an example:

I hear you.

What I ‘m hearing is…

This expression could easily be ‘I feel you,’ or ‘What I’m feeling from you is…’


When we use ‘know’ we have total certainty in what we are saying, what we are hearing and what our experience is. KNOW is connected to our crown chakra which is located at the top of our head. This energy center is connected to our higher knowledge, to our Spirit which holds all of our own divine knowledge and wisdom. So when we KNOW, we are clear.

Two examples:

I know what you are saying.

Here’s what I know…

When we use ‘know’ there is an absolute to what we are expressing. The information comes from a grounded, rooted place within us.

This is another core piece I teach when I work with people: how to tap into your own divine knowledge and wisdom. How to ‘KNOW.’ How to have that certainty in who you are and what you are doing.


It’s important to understand that as an Empath, you may pick up on the nuances of what people are truly feeling when they themselves may not consciously be aware. Empath’s are like x-ray machines, seeing to the depth of what is unsaid, unexpressed and unacknowledged. So although you may pick up on it, if you try to push someone to admit what you already know, you may end up with a battle on your hands.  That is why it’s important to recognize this about yourself, because when you do, you can begin to process the information you are receiving and then from a place of awareness, decide what to do with it. Remember, you can’t make someone change, or understand something they don’t want to understand. Just because you can see it, doesn’t mean they want to see it. But it also means that it’s important for you to validate what you truly know, rather than discrediting yourself because someone doesn’t see, hear, feel, think or know what you do. 


As you go through your days and interact with people, have an awareness of these five words. How do you use them, when do you use them, with whom do you use them? As you gain this awareness you can begin to look at the ways that you are processing information and then what that knowledge offers you.


If you are interested in finding out more about how you interact with energy, how this affects your life and how you can turn your sensitivity in your very own super power, gift yourself a Discover Session with me.

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