A simple daily process

that helps you

step into the flow

and create

a life you love.

Next Start Date: February 2018

Christine Agro has been teaching The Awaken Method for nearly 20 years. As her work is derived from her own connection to Spirit and the Collective Consciousness, she has kept advancing this method to keep pace with the growing Spiritual awareness of those who are stepping into the light. As well as acknowledging the incresing speed at which many are shifting into awareness today.

Why is this important? Because many teachers create their programs and never change them and that may work for some, but if you are here, exploring The Awaken Method, then you are a part of a soul clan that likes to learn, go deep, create true change. 

Check Out What Students Are Saying!

The tools I have learned from Christine have been surprisingly effective at quickly and easily bringing me back into my own space.  As an empath, these tools have been essential in my day-to-day living to keep me on track. When I am off, it is because I have not been using them and it is a reminder to come back to my own practice where things start to flow again.

Amy Sophiella

Owner, Journey Gems

The tools I have leaned from Christine are so simple, yet so monumentally life-changing at the same time. Spending even a few moments clearing energy, removing what isn’t mine, doesn’t serve me, or doesn’t belong to me, and replacing it with energies that are my own, more graceful and light, shifts my space in a huge way. Through this work, I live a life of less fear. Less anxiety. And a lot more joy. These tools have changed everything.

Jillian Brietfeller

Owner, Prasana Tea Company

The tools really help me to determine my next steps when I am hit with anxiety about something.   By clearing the energy out of my space, I am able to release the anxiety associated with it and look at it from a point of clarity and neutrality.  This gives me an opportunity to see it for what it is, understand who it truly belongs to and determine why it was in my space and then release it fully.

Cappy Caporuscio

The tools Christine Agro has taught me (and retaught me because I can forget) work. I feel the impact in my body immediately and then see changes ripple out and reverberate in my life and the lives of others. Today I remembered to use them, feeling stuff coming up and creating a black cloud, and then remembering Christine’s reminders to move things out when they come up. We can look and look at things, be more and more self aware, but awareness alone does not effect change. The tools are simple but powerful, particularly when dusted off and actually used. The most powerful tool of all may be how Christine’s laugh rings though my mind with compassion about how we can forget to use the tools. 

Adriane Herman