The Power of Aligning with Your Own Spirit

Take a moment to reflect and notice, when you look to your own Spirit, or your higher self or source, where do you look?

When I ask this question, most people say somewhere outside of themselves. Some have never thought of it and others will say so far ‘up there’ they can’t even see where that is.

We are in an amazing time collectively. Centuries ago, reaching enlightenment meant, well, reaching for it. Our enlightenment, or Spirit, was outside of our bodies and there was no room for it to merge with our bodies. So in order to reach that state of higher being, we had to find ways to rise up and connect on a higher level, in a sense, leave our physical form to reach that higher level of being.

But today, with all of the spiritual growth and conscious advancement we find ourselves as a new place with our Spiritual growth.

I’ve even seen this shift since I began this work. Years ago, almost 20 now, when I first started doing this work, I was guided to take a journey up above myself and up above the world. I was asked to turn around and look at the earth. When I did, I saw an energetic grid that encircled the earth and on that grid, there were a handful lights anchoring in spots on the grid. I was one of them and I was told, ‘see, you aren’t alone.’

A few years ago, I was guided to take the same journey and when I looked back at the earth what I saw warmed my heart. The grid was lit up with points of light all around the planet. All people who had stepped into consciousness, who had answered the call.

With all this awareness, we are now presented with the opportunity to begin the process of connecting our Spirit with our body, of clearing out the fear and pain that comes with being separated from our true self, of balancing our energy centers, of teaching our emotions, our mind and our ego, that where we need them, we don’t need them to run the show.

We need our body to be the vehicle for our Spirit and our emotions, our mind and our ego to be the tools our Spirit uses to help us manifest everything we want and need in our lives.

The work today is much different from the work years ago. Today, we are working to live as Spirits with a body.

To get you started, follow this link to this video that will take you through a simple, starting alignment process. There’s more after this, but this is a great place to start.

I recommend you practice with this daily to help fortify your own inner alignment.