Have you seen that movie ‘Yes Man’ with Jim Carey?

In the movie he challenges himself to say ‘yes’ to anything that is asked of him. It takes him on a wild adventure of learning, exploring and ultimately understanding the deeper meaning of life and living.

It may seem silly, or extreme or even scary to think of saying ‘yes’ to everything that is asked of you and we don’t have to go that far in order to create real change in our lives. But there is something incredibly powerful about saying ‘yes.’

This past year, for me, has been a process of saying ‘yes’ and answering a strong call to reach more people and to expand my work as someone who guides others across the Conscious Bridge. That is what I am really, a guide. I take your hand and help you move from unconscious or unaware, where life is happening to you, and walk with you across the Conscious Bridge to a life where you understand, see and can work with whatever is happening in your life and ultimately create a life you love – usually a life you never even dreamed of.

So this past year I have faced the fear that comes up when we are being asked by Spirit to do something. Sometimes those fears are identifiable and sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes they show up as a resonating fear within your body that doesn’t really make sense. Sometimes that fear is so overwhelming it makes you cry. I’ve been there. You may wonder, ‘what’s the big deal? So you’ve been called, so what?’ I’m fortunate to be able to ‘see’ what I’m being called to do. The wonderful part of the calling is the opportunity to work with more people, to support more people on their Spiritual journey and to help more people step into a place of empowered consciousness. But along with that comes greater visibility and with greater visibility comes those who want to push against what I’m sharing. We see it everyday on Social Media, where people are attacked and mocked. I understand that with this step comes both the wonderful and the not so wonderful. At the same time, I’m able to see that even in that push back, people are growing. The presence of something that challenges them to think differently, is still part of my work. So I’ve said ‘yes,’ but it seems each day comes with a new ‘yes,’ because each day takes me on further in to the role I’ve agreed to play.

These are huge ‘yes’es I’m working with here, but what about you? What ‘yes’es have been calling to you?

I just spent a few days at an event where I saw people being called to say ‘yes’, plus just came off my own one-day workshop where I also called people to say ‘yes’ and I want to share with you what I saw – fear and blocks. On the other side of saying ‘yes’ to what they were being called to was new growth, was expansion, was the ‘something more’ they were all there to find.

What we don’t understand is that in order to get that ‘something more’ we need to say ‘yes.’ And ‘yes’ is often connected to money, because if it were free, if it were easy, there wouldn’t be any growth attached to it. It’s just how things work when we are standing in front of the path. This changes as we step into awareness, but right now, this is probably where you are at. Money is the tool your Spirit uses to challenge you to say ‘Yes.’

This weekend and last weekend, I saw people who were asking for help. Who answered a call to be in a room, to learn, to find out more, but when it came to stepping up and saying ‘yes’ they stepped back, the let the fear win. The fear shows up as ‘I can’t afford it,’ ‘I don’t have the time,’ ‘I can’t do it.’ All contracting, restricting energies.

But when you say ‘yes’ to whatever it is that makes the fear rise, that is where your growth happens, that is how the answer to your prayers arrive, that when the reward comes.

The universe rewards you after you say ‘yes,’ not before. Think about that for a minute and really let it sink in. The universe rewards you after you say ‘yes,’ not before.

The power is in the ‘yes.’

What has been calling you? Will you say ‘yes?’



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