The ‘Easier’ Formula

Easier is an interesting word. The definition of ‘easy’ is something achieved with little effort or presenting few difficulties.When we wish our life were ‘easier,’ we want things to work. We don’t want to struggle.

I often say to those who work with me, ‘our mind can only come up with options from what it already knows.’ And that is where ‘easier’ gets interesting.

The Mind Only Knows, What It Knows

When we want our life to be easier, our mind kicks into action coming up with the ways that our life could work with little effort, or the ways we could overcome or remove the difficulties. Our mind says things like, ‘if I had more money…life would be easier.’ or ‘If I had a different job…I wouldn’t have these problems.’ or ‘If my relationship were different, I’d be happier.’ Our mind can only target that which it knows.

But here’s the thing. The challenges you experience, the struggles you encounter, the dissatisfaction that exist, they will continue to exist as long as you continue to look at your life through your mind’s eye.

New Set of Tools

If you continue to try to resolve a problem with the same set of tools, you will continue to have the same problem. You need new tools. You need a new perspective. You need a new definition of ‘easier.’

Life becomes ‘easier’ when we understand how and what we are doing from a Spiritual perspective. Life becomes ‘easier’ when we have a simple process that allows us to see the problems differently, to understand what these problems are asking of us and when we can understand this, then we need to know what to do with these problem to create real change in our lives.

‘Easier’ doesn’t mean we won’t have the challenges, ‘easier’ means we have the tools to help us navigate.

The ‘Easier’ Formula

The Easier Formula is, well, easy. It’s Understanding What Your Working On + Energy Tools To Create Change = Easier.

Take a minute and let that sink in. Before this email, you wished for things to be easier, but had no real way to achieve that. Now you have a simple formula: Understanding + Energy Tools = Easier.

If you’re having one of those moments where your reality is shifting, where you can feel your mind shifting to take in a new reality but at the same time your mind is saying, ‘that’s too easy,’ tell your mind to shhhhh!

Stick with me long enough and you will hear me say this over and over again, ‘Spiritual growth is simple.’ And ‘easier’ is this simple.


Because I believe in this work so much, I want to introduce you to three simple ideas that will help you in the process of making your life easier.

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