Well, I don’t know about you, but these last few weeks have been very intense and add to it,  then many of us had Thanksgiving family dinner to contend with.

No matter how much we are able to manage our own space, we can’t control what’s going on in someone else’s world, so flare-ups and fear and anger and arguments just can’t be avoided, unless we remove ourselves completely and I’m not prepared to do that.

I use many different kinds of energetic support to help me manage my space, but more now than ever before, I’ve been turning to sound.

Today, I wanted to share a few of the ways that I use sound in my own self-care and also share with you some of the music creators whose work I value so deeply. I want you to know that they do not know that I’m sharing them with  you, nor am I receiving anything from them, or anyone for including them here. They are just some of my favorites and I figure, when you find something or someone with good work, share it/them!

So here goes.


On my birthday – a friend sent me this quote and I thought it was really powerful. She sent this the day after I started singing :-O

“Once upon a time,
When women were birds,
There was the simple understanding
That to sing at dawn
And to sing at dusk
Was to heal the world through joy.
The birds still remember what we have forgotten,
That the world is meant to be celebrated.”
~ Terry Tempest Williams

Since November 9th, I’ve been singing both in the morning and the evening.

Joanne Shenandoah

Interestingly, I’ve been singing along with Joanne Shenandoah. I love her music. Joanne is a member of the Wolf Clan; the Oneida Nation is part of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy). Her music is a combination of traditional songs and melodies with a blend of instrumentation. (from Wikipedia)

Although I don’t know what the words mean literally, I feel them in my soul when I sing along. I said ‘interestingly’ above, because the Water Protectors are standing together to protect their sacred land in North Dakota right now.  In addition to supporting me on a vibrational level, I can’t help feel that it supports them as well.

Joanne has at least 15 albums. My favorite is Matriarch: Iroquois Women’s Songs. You can hear samples here: http://www.allmusic.com/album/matriarch-iroquois-womens-songs-mw0000082115  Joanne is ill right now and waiting for a liver transplant, so I feel like not only purchasing her CD but also singing her songs, is just an added benefit to singing along.

Shiva’s Garden

I discovered Shiva’s Garden when I did my Yoga Teacher’s Certification at the Shambhavananda Ashram in Colorado. It was a month long program and we lived at the Ashram for the month and I enjoyed their Kirtans very much. From their page: Shiva’s Garden performs a variety of musical styles to compliment the chanting of Sanskrit mantras and modern devotional songs. The band members are residents of Sri Shambhavananda’s ashrams, who selflessly offer their gifts as a form of Bhakti (devotional) Yoga.

If you’ve worked with me, you know I love chanting. It has an amazing ability to create powerful change in our life by shifting vibration, removing blocks and releasing energy. Singing along with Shiva’s Garden is a great way to open your throat chakra, put some good vibes out into the world and shift your vibration.

Here’s a link to my favorite of their CDs the self-titled Shiva’s Garden.

Don’t worry about singing it right and if you notice it’s a call and respond – so they sign it and then you sing it (along with them) so you can listen, then sing, listen, then sing or just sing along to the whole thing.


Songs of the Plants and Trees

I don’t know if you know this, but I founded The Church of Nature and one of the things that we do is share the Songs of the Plants and Trees. Each plant and tree has it’s own vibrational sound and rhythm and through a special biofeed back machine, we are able to hear that sound and rhythm. I’ve been working with the plants and trees on our property for about 6 months now and have recorded and shared several over at Nature’s Channel.  I over the last few weeks, I’ve been listening to Chickweed while I work.

Tibetan Bowls and Chants

I found this one on iTunes – 50 Songs, Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls & Buddhist Chants.  (find this on iTunes or on Amazon. The link is to iTunes.)

Schumann’s Resonance

I’ve been going to sleep listening to Center and Balance on this collection. If you aren’t familiar with it, Schumann’s Resonance are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. By tuning into the Schumann Resonance, the body benefits from this healing frequency and can more effectively rebuild and repair itself. It is a form of binaural beat brainwave entrainment and can induce a specific brainwave state in the listener’s brain that generate a temporary change in the consciousness of the listener.  If you are interested in learning more about what’s behind this, I recommend you do some googling. There’s some very technical information out there for you 🙂  As I’m listening, I focus on releasing the stress, anxiety and tension – whether my own, or of those around me. I find listening to this before bed let’s me reset and fall into a deep restorative sleep. 

Here’s a link to it: https://www.amazon.com/Schumanns-Resonance-Your-Mind-Bbetteru/dp/B00OHE0730/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1480092503&sr=8-1&keywords=schumann%27s+resonance

Mark Watson

Mark Watson is the creative force behind AngelEarth Music which is committed to bringing to the planet, high vibration, positive music to help with your relaxation, healing, and meditation.

How can you go wrong there? 🙂

I love Mark Watson’s music, especially the Archangel Series. I work a lot with Angelic energies and I find listening to the Archangel I’m working with, it a tremendous support.

http://angelearthmusic.com/the-archangel-series  If you are interested in working with the Angelic Realm, I would suggest listen to his Archangel Series and see which music resonates with you and then do some research on the Archangel and see what the connection is.

You will also find Goddess, Waves, Chants – the music is created with love.

This is a good starting place for you. See what resonates and add-in what works for you.

Let me know if you try any of these and what your experience is and definitely let me know if you have your own go-tos or something you’d like for me to try out. I’m always interested in exploring and seeing how different things support us energetically.

Be well!