If you are going to absorb energy, why not absorb positive, supportive energy?!  Christine Agro

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Are Your Moods Yours?

Are you a sponge? Most empaths and highly sensitive women are. It’s ingrained in our patterns, almost as if it were in our DNA.

We absorb the energies around us and become them.  One minute you are happy and peaceful, the next minute you feel angry and ill-at-ease.

What changed? Most likely you encountered someone who was unhappy, unhappy with you specifically or just in general. Maybe you had a phone conversation with someone or someone simply entered the room and you absorbed their energy. It happens that quickly, like a switch being flipped.

In all my years of creating change in my own life, and in supporting women to do the same, our ability to absorb the energies of others is one of our greatest challenges, but can also be one of our greatest empathic gifts!

Can It Be A Gift?

I wrote about our connection to Nature (Turn to Nature) the other day and this is a positive example of our ability to absorb energies. We become the vibration of Nature when we are in it.

So it is possible to benefit from this trait.

What if you had the conscious awareness of this ability and you could pick and choose when to absorb and when not to?  That’s always where my mind goes, ‘what if.’ As highly sensitive women, we have so many amazing gifts, so ‘what if?’

That ‘what if?’ isn’t a ‘maybe one-day’ possibility. It is a very real possibility that with a little bit of focus, you can stop absorbing the energies that bring you down, that sabotage your life, that keep you living someone else’s drama; and turn that ability into a positive support system that can help you create real change in your own life.

Simple Process to Create Change

If that sounds like something you’d like to explore, I’ve got a simple process for you to try.

When we are trying to shift a pattern, I tell my students and clients all the time, our personal healing and growth is a process that follows a specific path:

  • First: we have an awareness of what we want to change. We recognize it after the fact.
  • Second: as we affirm that we want to change something, we then start to notice it while it’s happening. We’re in the middle of the situation and we have a moment where we say to ourselves, ‘oh, here I am again.’
  • Third: we begin to see it right before it happens and that’s when change happens. When we can actively choose to ‘not’ step into something, or react, or in this case, absorb.

So, currently, you have an awareness of what you want to change. You don’t want to absorb negative emotions and negative energy anymore.

Three Simple Tools

Our next step is to give you a tool or three so that you can start to shift this pattern.

First, let’s give you a tool to help you clear out what you’ve collected.

Tool #1: Clear the Clutter

If you’ve joined me for any of the free Clear the Clutter webinars, you have this tool. If you don’t, it’s super easy.

  1. Close your eyes and envision a big magnet and then
  2. use that magnet to draw out all of the energy that you’ve collected up.

It can be helpful to focus on specific people, or specific situations ie: I’m drawing out the energy of my mother, or my sister or my partner. Go through as many people as come to mind and clear out the clutter of their energy.

Tool #2: Fill In With Your Own Energy

Every time we clear energy, we want to fill in with an energy of our choosing. Why? Because if you don’t, you will simply absorb the next energy that comes along.

  1. To do this, close your eyes and envision a big bubble above your head and fill it with your own vibration. You can see your own vibration as a color, a sound, an image, or simply intend that you are filling that bubble with your own vibration.
  2. When it’s good and full, pop the bubble and let it fill you in from head to toe, paying extra attention to all those places where you cleared energy.

Great! So now that you’ve cleared out what isn’t yours and set your vibration to what IS you, let’s look at one tool to help you stop absorbing energies.

Tool #3: Put a Rose on the Outer Edge of Your Energy Field to Absorb Unwanted Energies

We all have an energy field around us. It should be about an arms distance away, but oftentimes it’s going to be one of two place – either right up close to you or way far away from you. Right up close let’s everything and everyone to get really close energetically and way far away allows people to leave their clutter in your space as they pass through. Neither of these scenarios supports you.

  1. Start by closing your eyes and asking your auric field to be an arms distance away from your body.
  2. Next, envision a rose on the outer edge, whose only job is to absorb any energy that doesn’t positively support you.
  3. Change out the rose regularly by sending it off to the edge of the Universe and blowing it up.

What You Might Experience

I mentioned above that our process of change is a multi-step process. As you play with these three tools, you might notice that you feel lighter and more free to be you. You might have more energy. You might regain some interest in doing the things that you enjoy doing. As you play with the rose on your outer edge of your aura, you may also notice that those who are used to you absorbing their energy might react to this change. Just remember, it is not your job to hold on to their stuff. That is a conscious choice and reminder you may need to reaffirm regularly as you go through that multi-step process of creating real change in your life. Once you get a handle on the ‘not absorbing energies’ you can start to play with energies you want to embrace – music and nature are two places to explore.

If you’d like to be guided through this process, please accept my invitation to join me for a free webinar on December 28, 2016 @ 1pm ET. If you can’t make it live, there will be a replay.  Use the button below to reserve your free seat.

Leave me a message below and let me know what you experience as you play with these tools!

Be well!