Practical Conscious Spirituality
What’s the ‘Found Room’ Dream Really About?

As we head into 2018, I wanted to talk to you a bit about my practical approach to Spirituality.

People often ask me if I’ve always been clairvoyant or if I’ve always been ‘gifted.’

Nothing to See Here

Where I believe in the past, people with access to their higher senses were special, today, there’s really nothing unusual about having access to our higher senses. As a collective, we have evolved in our consciousness to the place where many people have an awareness, have access to and even utilize their higher senses every day.

So my purpose isn’t to be a clairvoyant, my purpose is to help people deepen their Spiritual connection and I use my clairvoyance to do that.  When you deepen your Spiritual connection, you step into living life in a way that is, in many ways, unimaginable, because you haven’t experienced the level of flow and connection yet.

That makes this work challenging to describe and to explain. Even for myself, my consciousness is always evolving and growing and each time it does, I step into a way of living that I just didn’t know was possible. I didn’t know there was more beyond what I was already experiencing. Yet, consistently, I find more. More room for me, more of my own truth, more clarity, more power to create what I want in my life.

Have You Had This Dream?

Have you ever had the ‘discover a room in your house’ dream? Or some equivalent, where you come upon an area that you never knew was there and you think to yourself, ‘wow, how could I have missed this entire part of my house?’  As you begin to explore it you notice the possibilities and expansion or maybe you feel fearful of there being so much more room.

These dreams are indications of the possibility of your own growth. And that feeling of wonder and awe at how much more room there is for you is similar to what it feels like to consciously step into your Spiritual growth. If fear comes up, it’s connected to the healing that’s required to step into that something more.

Everything I teach has a practical aspect to it because simply gathering information doesn’t help you grow. It is the experiential application of that knowledge through simple tools that will help you to unlock the door to new rooms in your Spiritual house and help you clear the energies and do the healing.

First Step of Conscious Spirituality

Our first step toward living a Conscious, Spiritual life is to set out the intention to do just that. A simple statement like, ‘I’m ready to live a conscious, Spiritual life,’ can be all that’s needed to bring the threads of learning and opportunity your way.

A Conscious, Spiritual Life puts you in the driver seat of your own journey. It gives you control over your life experience. Which is what Conscious Spiritual Living is all about.

Years ago, I used to say that I wished I had a ‘life manager,’ a being who would help me to stay on my path and know what choices were the ‘right’ choices. Today, I realize that through my Conscious Spiritual practices, I have become my own life manager. The tools keep me on track, the tools help me to know what choice to make, which direction to go and help me navigate my life experiences.

I am blessed to watch my students and clients grow in their awareness. To watch them unlock the hidden rooms and find more of themselves. Each one will tell you that they couldn’t imagine the person they have become or the life that is possible before they stepped into a Conscious Spiritual practice.

2018 – Universal Year! 

2018 is an 11 year.  11 is a master number and an 11 year is a Universal Year, meaning it is a year in which the channel is open for us to take great strides forward.

I’ll share more on the 11 Year as we move into 2018, but for now, I want you to think about what it is that you want for yourself this coming year. What do you want to create and how will you create it? Do you have a Spiritual room that’s ready to be opened? Is it time for you to step into the ‘something more’ that’s been calling you?

There are many ways for you to work with me: from my deep dive Personal Spiritual Coaching to programs, classes and events.  All approach your Spiritual growth from a practical, tools-centered, self-empowered place. If you want to explore ways to work with me, shoot me an email and we can find a time to chat.

I hope that 2018 will be the year we get to work together a lot.


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