My Spirit requires ‘precision of language,’ as Katie Holmes character in The Giver is fond of saying.

I find it both interesting and curious.

Take this for an example – I’ve mentioned before that I was called last year to step up into a greater and more visible role in helping people step into empowered lives.

To do so,  I invested in setting up the structure of my business so that I can focus on reaching more people and I used credit cards to do it. As the 0% interest is coming to an end, in my mind, I wanted to pay off those charges.

I believe in asking empowered questions that help Spirit to bring us what we need, so I first asked ‘how can I make $30,000,’ I proceeded to get tons of ideas that if implementable right now, could probably yield that amount, but they aren’t feasible right now. Spirit brought me the ‘how,’ that I asked for, but it wasn’t really want I wanted or need to know. So I looked at the words I used in my question and decided to change it to ‘How can I have $30,000.’

Time went by, I forgot about the question. A few weeks ago I got an email from a lender offering me a personal loan. So I popped over and checked out what they were offering, decent terms, no fee, no penalty for paying it off early and set interest rate. So I applied. They gave me a loan for…you guessed it…$30,000.

When it hit me that the amount is what I asked for, it made me laugh.

Precision of Language is something my Spirit is always working with me on.

(There’s also a piece here about focus, but I’ll save that for another post.)

Why is Precision of Language Important?

As we gain greater power and deepen our connection to our own Spirit, our ability to manifest what we want becomes increased. Think about it, it only took about two months for my empowered question to manifest a solution. And the more clear I get, the quicker things come in. My teacher once told me that one day I’d be able to hold out my hand and say ‘apple’ and have one appear. I don’t think that’s just me, I think that’s each of us if we choose to develop our Spiritual connection and do the work that’s required to be responsible with such power.

Precision of Language becomes essential if we are moving to this place of fully connecting our Spirit with our body and gaining the ability to instantaneously manifest.  The closer we are to claiming that ability the greate Spirit requires us to use Precision of Language whether in our words or our thoughts.

I’d love to know if Percision of Language is showing up in your manifestation process! Leave me a comment below.



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