Did you feel that ebb?

Managing The Ebb

I was certain that when I stepped into 2018, things were going to flow, but it really wasn’t until yesterday that things finally clicked into gear. So I the two weeks envisioning 2018, playing my cello and teaching myself how to play guitar, doodling, editing my upcoming book, baking and cleaning up from the holidays.

I was working with a one-to-one client yesterday and she said she had been feeling sort of similar – not totally engaged yet with stepping into 2018.

I took a look at it and there was definitely some ‘ebb’ energy around from December 27 through to yesterday. If you are affected by Mercury Retrograde, we were still in the post-shadow days too so that definitely contributed to it the ebb.

Ebb energy is actually great, but when we don’t recognize the ebbs in our life as opportunities to sink into rest or allow ourselves to catch up with ourselves, they sure can be frustrating or even a bit frightening because our minds take us to ‘why isn’t anything working?’ and ‘what am I doing wrong.’ When really the ebbs are just the natural flow of energy – we move forward we ebb back, we move forward, we ebb back. But we always move forward again.

Our opportunity is to recognize the ebb and to use the ebb as a time to replenish ourselves because when the flow comes again, we’ll be back to moving forward and sometimes at an even faster pace.

Whether you have been feeling the Ebb or you moved into 2018 with a force, now would be a good time to bring yourself into energetic alignment, because when we are in energetic alignment, no matter which phase we are in, ebb or flow, we will experience a sense of pure ‘right-ness‘ in our life.

Alignment is really simple. Do this, right now (unless your walking or driving or something like that, then don’t do this right now.)

  • Close your eyes
  • Take a breath in and out
  • Invision a beam of light running through your spine
  • Intend that you come into alignment with that beam of light.
  • Take a breath in and out
  • Open your eyes

Pop over to my web version of this and let me know what you just experienced!

Wishing you graceful flow and restorative ebbs in 2018!

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