Why Isn’t Your Life Flowing?

If your life isn’t flowing, if you are hitting roadblocks – be it in your personal life or your professional life- there is a reason for this and the good news is, it’s fixable and it’s simple.

  • If you aren’t living in alignment with your own Spirit, your life is going to be full of challenges.
  • If you don’t know what you are here to learn, your life is going to feel like it’s running you and like it makes no sense.
  • If you are living in a day-dream your desires, your wishes, your needs and wants will always exist in ‘someday.’

My work centers on helping you step into conscious awareness and teaching you ways to see your life from a different perspective, from the perspective of your higher consciousness. With the ability to see from this place, you begin to see the true purpose of why we are here. That very basic purpose is not about having a message or a gift to share with the world. That very basic purpose is simpler and more inward directed, at least to start.


Are you ready for it?

Ages of Wondering, Boiled Down to One Simple Sentence.

Our primary purpose of being here is to learn, heal and grow as conscious beings.

That’s it, that’s why we are here. Each of us is here for the same core reason, for as we each individually grow, we grow the collective whole, the sum total of all of us. There is reason for this, which I can share in a future post, but for now, just focus on the core reason that YOU are here. To learn, heal and grow.

That is why we see macrocosms and microcosms all around us. What we are working on is being worked on at a larger more global level and vice versa. We all do our work in a unique way, but at the root of it all are some core, very basic life lessons we are all trying to get and when we understand what these life lessons are and how they show up in our lives, when we have ways to work with the lessons, that’s when our life starts to flow.

I like to see it like this – our own Spirit has a road map that when followed leads us to what will fulfill us. Within ourselves we have a guidance system, or as I like to call it, our internal GPS, which amounts to the development and fine-tuning of our higher senses. When we develop our higher senses, this enables us to see and understand what we are working on, how we are working on it and then we become active participants in our learning.

Without developing our abilities, we move through our lives unconscious to what we are doing and we can feel like our lives our out of control, or that we are victims in our life story.

Three Basic Core Life Lessons

Over the years of looking clairvoyantly (higher sense of seeing) at my own journey and at the journey of others, I have come to see that there are three basic life lessons that are at the core of all of our life challenges. These life lessons play out in ways as diverse as each of us is individual, but the core lessons are universal in nature.

The first time I saw this concept was in two readings that happened almost back to back.  The first was a reading with a woman in China and the second was a reading with a woman in the United States. Their life experiences were vastly different.  Their cultural and societal references and expectations, vastly different. Their ethnicity and their religious influences, also vastly different. One was living in a family setting with traditional values and strong expectations of who she would become and what her life would be like. The other had several degrees, a high powered job, had carved out a place for herself in a predominantly male field and was a product of the Western Women’s Movement. Yet, as I worked with them, I began to see that they were, in essence, working on the same things. The lessons showed up differently but they were both working on standing in their own power and standing in their own truth. One was working on it by feeling the need to break away from her family of origin and claim an identity that was at odds with her upbringing and the other was working on it through a recognition that although by many standards she ‘had it all’ she didn’t not feel this way. Yet she felt uncomfortable or even ungrateful to express her need to break out of what she created and do what was in her heart. Same life lessons, standing in ones truth and standing in ones power, worked on in very different ways.

Over the years, I have come to see three core life lessons play out as the root of almost every challenge a client or student experiences.

Personal Truth, Personal Power and The Ability to Self-Validate

No matter what is going on in our lives, the core life lessons of standing in the Truth of who you are, standing in the power of who you are, and our ability to self-validate sit at the root of all that we are challenged with. Give me any situation you are working on and eventually I can boil it down to at least one of these core lessons. Sometimes people are super creative and one situation boils down to all of the core lessons. On top of these core lessons are often layers and layers of experiences, all with the express purpose of trying to get you to see the core lesson. When not recognized, the experience becomes a challenge and another layer is applied.

Which brings us to learning, healing and growing. It is through the awareness of what you are working on, that you begin to peel off the layers. That peeling creates healing as you get to the core of your being and start to see who you really are, which in turn leads to personal growth.

Everything that I teach you in my work is part of a simple process that starts with The Awaken Method and that helps you to see clearly, helps you to peel off those layers, helps you to grow and leads you to living your life in an amazing state of flow.

To Awaken is to realize what your life journey is really about, and then in that awakened state, take the steps necessary to connect more deeply with yourself and gather tools that will support you in learning, healing and growing.

It is simple, yet deep.

It is simple, yet rich.

It is simple, yet full.