I Wish I Hadn’t Awakened

It was a few years after I had awakened, stepped into consciousness, and learned how to energetically manage my life so that I lived in a state of flow. But living in a state of flow didn’t mean that life didn’t have it’s challenged. In fact, I found myself one day longing for the unconscious days of moving through life with blinders on.

You see, once you step into consciousness, you can’t go back. Not that you’d really want to, and that’s what this story is about.  Why did I have this thought? As you develop your awareness and your higher senses, everything has meaning, everything is a lesson and everything is there for you to learn, heal and grow. The truth is, all of that is true whether you are awake or not.

But on this particular day, I had the thought that life would be easier if I had never had my initial awakening, if I had stayed living unconsciously. So in true-to-my-spirit fashion, I got to live a day in which I was shown what my life would be like if I didn’t live in an awakened state.

The beauty was though, instead of having bad things happen, Spirit showed me how all the energetic tools I had developed helped me to live a better, deeper, more connected life. A life of flow.

Here are just a few things that happened that day, but it truly was a day filled with examples.

  • As I went to leave the house I heard, ‘ you forgot your keys.’ Had I not developed a connection to my higher self and learned to trust and be open to that inner voice, I would have been locked out of a house that wasn’t mine, with my two dogs locked inside. The door automatically locked when you left the house.
  • As I was driving into town, I got behind a sugar beet truck. Because part of Awaken work is about understanding energy, many of my tools deal with energetic support. I learned early to put a bubble of energy around my car to protect me and the car. While driving behind this truck, the beets started flying off. The hit everywhere, except my car.
  • As I was parking in town I heard ‘don’t park there,’ so I listened. I pulled out of the spot and moved somewhere else. Minutes later someone pulled into that spot. When I came out of the store, a shopping cart had crashed into the car and dented it.

The day was full of these happenings, of not letting bad things happen to me, but rather showing me how my Awakened state was a blessing and provided a constant state of flow; of being in the right place at the right time, of being deeply connected, and of having a vast collection of energetic tools to help me navigate my day-to-day.

And this is why I am so passionate about teaching people how to tap into their own deeper connection and how to develop energy tools to help support their own lives. It is so inspiring to see people step into awareness and experience the powerful shifts that happen in their lives when they do.

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Photo Credit  Haley Phelps