The Great American Solar Eclipse!

I’m sure you’ve heard about it by now. It happens this Monday and on the East Coast it will begin at 1:23 pm and finishing at 4:00 pm

The path of totality (or complete darkness) will run through the middle of the country. Where I am, just outside of NYC we’ll have about three-quarters totality.

If you are in an area where you will experience any portion of the eclipse, remember, don’t look directly at it. I’m not sure why looking at the sun blocked out is of interest to so many people, frankly, I’m more interested in what we can do with this Spiritually powerful moment in our lives.

Eclipses are transformative because they allow us to see not only our own shadow sides but also gain insight into the shadows that exist around us. The shadow is not only what lay buried within us but it is also what lay unseen to us within our life in general.

If you’ve been hanging out with me for a while, you know my work revolves around learning and healing so that we can grow. Learning what it is that we are working on, healing the energetic experiences that stop us from growing and in turn, growing.

This eclipse gives us a powerful platform to dig deep into the different areas of our being and ‘clear the clutter.’  Clear the energetic clutter that limits us, the inhibits us, that stops us from seeing, that stops us from living as the being we truly are.

With that, I have created a special offer for you to help support you in clearing the clutter. It’s my 5 part Clear The Clutter self-directed online video/audio course that takes you on a deep dive of clearing energies in the different aspects of your being: Your Mental Body, Emotional Body, Ego Body, Physical Body and your Energetic (or Ethereal) Body.

In total it’s a little over 2 hours of course work. I typically recommend the program be done over the period of 5 days, so you could start this on the Eclipse and finish it at the end of the week or you could start this weekend and give yourself a fresh start for the actual Eclipse, or if you want to really amplify things you could do the entire program during the actual Eclipse – the total transit of the eclipse is 2 hours and 37 minutes.. Just remember, the Eclipse amplifies things (like using a magnifying glass to focus the rays of the sun) so you are choosing to do something deeply and must acknowledge that.

I’ve reduced the price of the 5 part Clear the Clutter program to $17 and if you take advantage of this offer, the program is yours indefinitely. So you can use it to clear on special occasions like your birthday or do as you would a cleanse or a fast to set the stage for the New Year or the solstice or any other special moment in time.

This offer expires Monday evening, but grab it now because I’ve only made a limited number of these spots available and tomorrow, I will release this offer to all of Facebook.

Here’s the link: Clear The Clutter

My wish for you during this eclipse is that you uncover and release not only that which holds you back but that which will help you move forward!

I’m excited about this time. I hope you take advantage of it to set the stage for some positive Spiritual growth and I hope you grab your 5 Part Clear The Clutter program to support you in that process.