Do you live your passion and purpose? Do you know what your passion and purpose is?

Your passion and purpose is what thrills you and fills you with joy when you do it. It is that thing that you can get lost in for hours and not notice the time pass, that thing that makes you jump out of bed with joy to greet a new day and gives you a sense of fulfillment.

What if You Don’t Know What Your Passion and Purpose Is?

Here’s the thing though, what if you don’t know what your passion and purpose is?

Let me introduce you to Amy Sophiella. One of Amy’s first classes with me was 40 Days To Creating More: Developing and Deepening Your Manifestion Mindset and Abilities. The first exercise I did with this group was defining what they were passionate about and turning that into a purpose. The important piece is that in this process I exclude the ‘how.’  It is a statement that allows Spirit to bring in the ‘how’ in whatever way is in alignment with each person.

So for example at the time, one of my passions and purposes was ‘To help animals live life fully and consciously and to help them learn their own life lessons.’ So you notice there is no ‘how’ in there. This could happen by me becoming a vet or hosting a radio show or writing a book. The ‘how’ is left to our Spirit manifesting options that we then can accept or decline. I guide people to do it this way because your mind can only come up with the answers it already knows, where Spirit has unlimited possibilities and if you put the ‘how’ in your statement, you limit yourself tremendously.

Start Simple

Amy Sophiella on Haleakala Volcano Summit, Maui

Let’s get back to Amy. Amy joins me for that first class and when I get to her she says, ‘what if i don’t know what my passion and purpose is?’  Isn’t that a question many of us struggle with? What am I supposed to be doing? What am I meant to do?   My response to Amy was, ‘great, then your passion and purpose is to discover your passion and purpose.’ As with everything I teach, it is THAT simple. Set up the space in which your own Spirit can show you the things that are true to your core and then use simple energy tools to help you deepen your own connection so that you hear, see and experience the messages that come.


Amy did just that. She set off on a journey to discover what she was passionate about and what purpose there was for her and others in the passions she uncovered. She used what I call the ‘following the thread’ process. As we ask for something, our own Spirit gives us the threads to follow. Sometimes those threads come to a dead end (but not really) and sometimes they lead us to a next step or THE step that leads us to what we were looking for. But it is in following the threads that we discover what is true for ourselves.

When Amy came to me in that class she was an accountant, working a 9-5 job, sitting in cubicle with florescent lights, working with a lot of people who didn’t get her and feeling like there had to be more to life than this. She took her first step with that class and then stepped into (what was then) The Awaken Method program and continued to work with me for several years after. Within 5 years of taking the first step, of committing to discovering what her Passion and Purpose was, she started a gemstone jewelry company called Journey Gems, learned how to make jewelry out of copper, packed up everything, moved to Hawaii and today inspires people and heals people with her Jewelry and powerful story.  She’s so cool! You can find her selling her beauties under a powerful Banyan Tree in Hawaii many days.  That’s Amy to left on the Haleakala Volcano Summit in Maui.

Find Amy and her beautiful, soulful healing creations here: , on facebook at Journey Gems and on Instagram at Journey-Gems

We can wait forever for the giant sign that says ‘this is the way to go,’ but usually the signs you get are much more subtle than that. So it is in developing a process that helps you to align with your own truth and opens the conduit between you and your own Spirit that you begin to catch those signs. And of course, that is what I teach everyone who works with me – how to live in a state of flow!

What’s Your Passion and Purpose Statement?

If you have been trying to figure out what your passion and purpose is – use the approach I used with Amy. Start with setting out your intention to discover it and then follow the threads.

If you already know what your passion and purpose is, try removing the how and be open to the direction you receive from your own Spirit.

If you want help crafting your passion and purpose statement leave your statement in the comments and I’ll help you – I love doing this!