Have You Been Running Into Walls?

Sometimes on our journey, we feel like we are running into walls, or sinking in quicksand. No matter what we do, we keep coming up against what seems like the same challenge or barrier.

I used to hyperventilate when I had to speak in front of people. It was so uncomfortable and upsetting for me. I had so much to say, but standing in front of people was an awful experience. Once I stepped onto my spiritual journey of learning, healing and growing, I began working on ‘being seen.’ I was certain that this was the core piece that needed to be healed and that when it was, I would finally be able to stand in front of people and share all of the amazing information that gets sent to me.

But, time after time, I’d get up to speak and would experience a wave of energy so great that my whole body would shake. I never let this stop me, I’d take a moment, ground myself, clear the energy and continue on, but I really wanted to not have that experience anymore.

Then one day, I was sitting in my meditation space, looking at one of my speaking moments, picking apart the energy to see what was there and I saw it! It wasn’t that I was afraid of being seen, it was a fear that no one would accept my truth, a fear buried deep in lifetimes of being persecuted for speaking up. But here’s the funny thing, in this life, whether someone accepts what I say or not, has never mattered to me, not because I don’t care, but because I know that each of us has our own path and what information resonates with you, is what is right for you. If it comes from me, great. If it doesn’t, equally great. After seeing all of this, I easily moved out that piece about my truth and voila! No more shaking, well, mostly no more shaking. In certain situations that energy may still creep back, but I always have my tools with me to clear it.

My question to you is, what have you been working on that might need a different look or that maybe a view from a different angle will give you the answers you’ve been seeking? Rather than running into the wall, let’s look at and see what you’re working on.

I’ve opened up a handful of Take a Step sessions with me as my gift to you.¬†This is a 30 minute one-on-one that usually costs $175, during which we will look at what you are challenged with and where you might be able to walk around that wall, rather than running into it ūüėÄ ¬† Please note, if you’ve had the benefit of one of these sessions in the last 6 months, you cannot take advantage of this offer today. ¬†Here is the link¬† www.takeastepwithme.com¬†¬†Once the allotted slots are filled, the calendar will be closed, so don’t wait, if this resonates, get your spot!

I look forward to connecting with you!