Giving & Receiving

This time of year, I’m always extra conscious of giving and receiving. As you know, November is ‘Birthday Month’ for me! I spend this month receiving – good wishes, gifts, affirmations; and I also spend this month giving.

On my birthday, I was overwhelmed with wishes and messages of gratitude and beautiful gifts of love and appreciation. It was so heart filling and it led me to reflect even more on my life philosophy of living with an Open Heart & an Open Hand. I had such gratitude for each message, each gift and I felt myself receive them fully and completely – both heart and hand.

I believe that energy flows in a figure-eight of giving and receiving. What we give doesn’t necessarily come back directly. I believe it’s all one big constant flow. So if I give something to you, I might not receive from you, but I will receive from someone. It’s a constant flow.

The key is recognizing that we actually have two giving & receiving spaces. The Heart, which is our love and emotional giving and receiving, and The Hand, which is the physical act of giving and receiving – support, tangible things – those things that support us and support others in living their lives.

When you are looking at your Giving & Receiving spaces, you want to look at both the flow of energy in and out of your heart AND the flow of energy in and out of your hand. Is the flow balanced in both? When I did this exercise with my class we all saw different things. Some had huge out and minimal in for the Heart, some had big giving hands, but small receiving hands. Some were able to give and receive emotionally, but not physically and vice versa.

If you feel like you don’t have or don’t receive what you want and need in life, it can be helpful to look at these two spaces to better understand the balance (or imbalance) of your giving and receiving.

One of the most common challenges I see my students faced with is feeling like they are unsupported. This work of Open Heart & Open Hand is key to shifting this experience.

I did a Quick Chat on Giving & Receiving and you’ll find it here.

I hope you find it helpful!