Well, how did you sleep last night?


I was up almost the entire night with my body buzzing. It felt like I’d had 12 cups of coffee before bed, but I don’t drink coffee.


We can thank last night’s Full Moon in Pisces for setting our extra sensitive nerve endings on super receptor mode. Imagine turning the dial on the radio to get rid of all of the static and center in on the exact frequency of the world’s emotional mosh pit, that’s what I received last night.


Fears and anxiety over Hurricane Irma and what follows her; anger, sadness and more fear surrounding the uncertainty of DACA.; anguish over the fires burning strong in the west; uncertainty around our foreign relations; similar natural and made-disasters fanning out throughout the globe made last night a loud night of humanities pain.


Full Moons offer us a time to cast off that which doesn’t serve us, that which no longer resonates with who we are and that which never belonged to us in the first place.


As I processed the intensity of the energy last night, I was reminded of something I tell you so frequently, ‘it does you no good to carry the energies and experiences of others.’ We are not able to relieve the fear and anxiety of those in Irma’s way; nor are we able to assuage the fear of those who have lived here their entire lives as they an uncertain future; nor are we able to save the belongings of those whose homes face destruction whether from fire, water or wind. The pain and anguish that so many are experiencing will not be changed by you or I living it and running it too.


We can send money, we can find ways to help physically. We can protest, we can call, we can open our homes, but opening our energetic selves will only add to the intensity. We are not part of the solution in that regard, we are adding fuel to an already enraged flame.


So today, as I sit, still shaken from the intensity of last night, I ask you not only do all that you can physically to support, to love, to fight for change; but also to focus on your emotional and energetic selves. You are powerful beyond measure. You can radiate out the fear, anger, and uncertainty or you can radiate out balance, love, harmony, solution, support.


Not that I needed a reminder, but last night brought a powerful light to how much energy is activated right now and an equally powerful reminder that we can either contribute to it or counter it.


Use your energetic tools to stay grounded, stay aligned, clean out the energies that don’t belong to you and radiate love from your heart center. And remember, we were called to RISE in the fall of 2016. To RISE and marry our Spiritual work with the real world battle for a new way of seeing, living and supporting. If you’ve gotten tired or off track, it’s time to get back to it. Remember apps like 5 Calls and ResistBot, look to your local community for what support and activism are needed.


It’s important to add #Align to #Resist and #Persist.


Need support Clearing the Energetic Clutter?


Grab my 5 Part Clear The Clutter course – it takes you through the five energy bodies – while also focusing on their respective elements, which is very apropos with all of this element energy activated.