There are Empaths who are Angels in a physical body which allows them to remember what it’s like to be human.”  Christine Agro

Angels are human helpers, healers, and energetic support systems. We turn to them when we need guidance, compassion, understanding, healing, and even hope. As the world continues to evolve and grow and life gets more and more complicated, every so often,  Angels will take a turn with the human experience so that they can better understand and support humanity.

They sign up to incarnate in a human form so that they can understand what it is like to be human; so that they can understand duality and all the complexities of being in a physical body; so that they can remember what pain and loss and fear feel like; and what love and hope and joy feel like as well.

When these people have come to me, their angelic connection is clear. They tend to have a stronger collection of angels around them, and a ‘watcher’ group who are monitoring how the immersion process is going.

It makes sense that anyone who incarnates for this purpose is an Empath. An Empath in this position has a life that revolves around understanding the human experience from all sides, and really not just ‘understanding’ it, but truly living it and immersing themselves in the human experience.  Not only do they carry that purpose of fully experiencing life, but the angelic mission of healing and guiding is so much a part of them that they tend to carry out that role throughout their lives. Either they go into careers that allow them to fulfill those duties, or they move through their life both consciously and unconsciously filling those needs for the people in their lives.

Because of this combination of full human experience and the role of healer and guide, Angelic Empaths can be overwhelmed by where they find themselves. The pain, the ugliness, and the despair of humanity can just be too much to bear. Empaths in general, but Angelic Empaths especially may turn to ways to dull and block out what they are experiencing. Despite hailing from Angelic origins, they are now human, so all bets are off. They are here to fully experience humanity in all its good and bad, light and dark. For some, it is a plunge into substance abuse, or becoming consumed by anger, or creating a buffer by deadening oneself with food or drink.

Our Angelic Empaths immerse themselves in experiences both the pain and the joy, the loss, and the love. The feelings run deep and through the core of their very being.

At the end of their life experience, they bring all that they have learned back to the Angelic realm and share it as a reminder of the human experience.

Being human is not for the faint of heart and Angels understand that. That’s why they are Angels. That’s why they stand by to support us as we move through our lives – learning, healing and growing. They understand.

If this information resonates with you, it’s time to remember that although you hail from an Angelic origin, you are, right now in a human body experiencing all of the many varied human emotions and life dynamics. So just as so many other humans do, it’s important to ask for help. From those around you, from Angels, from professionals. It is also important to remember that ‘asking for help,’ is oftentimes one of the most difficult things a human will have to do. If you find that you are deeply challenged remember that everything you do and experience is fulfilling your purpose, it is helping you understand more deeply, the human experience.

It’s also safe to say that just because you are here to immerse yourself in the human experience, you can learn ways to manage your sensitivity and learn tools that will help you self-heal. Even that is part of the human experience. You do not have to go through this life completely saturated in emotions. In fact, many humans go through their entire lives, only to remember upon the moment of their death that there was another way. It is possible that part of your lesson is to learn how to live as Spirit with a body and learn to energetically support yourself so that you can take that information back with you.

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