Ego vs Empowerment 

As we grow in our awareness, each stage comes with feeling more connected, having greater awareness and the possible pitfall of stepping into ego rather than empowerment.

In our ongoing game of shoots and ladders, landing on ‘ego’ will take you quickly down the shoot, giving you the opportunity to learn again the importance of self-validation and the opportunity to understand the difference between empowerment and ego.

What’s the difference?


You know you’re sitting in ego when you forget that what you know, how you know it, the clarity you have; doesn’t make you special or different; doesn’t give you permission to judge where others are at; and when you find yourself soaking up the validation of others, believing we are ‘all that’ because of what we know, or the tools we have or how others see us. Ego shifts our validation from internal self-validation to external validation


When we start to grow in our awareness and we choose self-empowerment, we celebrate our growth, but we also hold the understanding that our growth does not make us special or unique. Our growth gives us great awareness and with that, greater abilities and personal power. When we see that and have a sense of respect for our growing abilities, we hold a humbleness about our growth which moves us into self-empowerment rather than our Ego.

To continue my game night analogies, being presented with the option of Ego or Self-Empowerment is a huge Spirit test. Pass it and you get to move passed Go and collect $200. Fail it and your sitting in Monopoly Jail for a turn or two.

How to avoid Ego

The simplest way to avoid stepping into Ego is by staying in alignment with your own Spirit. When you stay in alignment, your Spirit will always be at the lead and Ego will support you in your growth, but won’t take over.

Celebrate your growth, celebrate your steps. If you are being called to step up, step up in alignment.



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