I was given this mug last month – it says ‘She believed she could, so she did’ and I’ve used it every day since. When I’m not drinking from it, it sits on my counter, or my desk, reminding me that what we believe is directly proportionate to what we can create in our lives.

It’s interesting that I received this mug last month because last month my students and I were knee-deep in the January Essence-tial Support immersion that focused on Clearing Blocks and Manifesting.

The month was so powerful and full of exploring our ‘mental marbles’ – a term I use to identify those negative thoughts that roll around our mind, and most importantly, exploring what it means, feels like and looks like to stand in total certainty.

What we believe, whether it is connected to who we are or connected to what is possible, lays the foundation for what we can create.

In this program we spent a lot of time playing with our ‘Certainty.’  Certainty is that absolute clarity that what you want, that what you are intent on, will happen. You KNOW without a doubt it will be. Our conversation revolved around the Universal Truth that what you want to create, you have already created. It is there for you, waiting for you to claim it, to bring it in. Our journey is in the claiming it because, in order to have what we have set out for ourselves, we need to move through anything and everything that says ‘you can’t, you don’t, you shouldn’t.’ And that’s where certainly comes into play. Certainty is the absolute knowingness that you can, you do and you should. It is believing in yourself, in who you are and what you bring to the world.

Certainly happens when we shift from Trust and Faith – the belief that something ‘out there’ will make it happen, to the clarity that it is our own Spirit that makes things happen. We hold the key, we hold the power. We just need to claim it.

Certainty is such an important piece of living life consciously and creating what we truly want.

What I’ve done is pulled one class out of January’s program and I’m giving you free access to it so that you can experience the work and also get a good sense of Certainty.

What I ask is this – if you accept this gift that you recognize that you are dropping into a month long program midway, that the women in the Essence-tial Support Immersions form a community so if you are looking for a like-minded community, you’ll get a sense of it here, and I ask you to actually DO the class not just listen to it. Sit in a quiet space, ground and see what you are seeing when I ask for participants’ experiences.

Grab Your Free Sample Class Here

I hope that you find this helpful.