Discovery Session $175

This is a 30-minute session that gives you an overview of what you are working on, how it is showing up in your life and how you can support yourself. What are you holding on to? Where do you hold it? How is it affecting you? How do different kinds of energies and energetic situations impact you? These are just a few things we may look at. It is considered a general check-in, an initial reading space for those interested in learning more about who they are and how this work can support you.

Things You Need To Know Before You Schedule Your Discovery Session!

  • Appointment times are in Eastern Time Zone.
  • All appointments occur Monday-Friday during the day.
  • There are no evening or weekend appointments.
  • You may cancel your appointment within 48 hours for a refund.
  • You may cancel your appointment within 24 hours and reschedule.
  • Missed appointments will not receive a refund and may be rescheduled at our discretion.

Can I Set Up An Appointment For Someone Else?

No – you cannot. People need to come to this space on their own. It is not appropriate for you to do the work for them. You can, however, purchase a gift certificate. The gift certificate will include the description above as well as instructions on how to redeem the gift certificate and set-up their appointment. Gift certificates do not expire and they lock the session fee in for 1 year from the time of purchase. If it is not used within a year and prices increase, the value of the gift certificate will be applied to the session fee with the remainder owing. This too is noted on the gift certificate.  Order Gift Certificate below.

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You may schedule your discovery session up to 8 weeks in advance.