One Day Live Event    ♥    New York City    ♥    Saturday, October 14, 2017  ♥ 10 AM – 5 PM ET

Hi there! I’m Christine Agro, a Spiritual Teacher and a Clairvoyant and I’ve been helping women understand, tap into and use their higher senses for close to 20 years now.  To say that it’s my passion is an understatement. I love seeing what happens when women claim the power that is already there waiting to be tapped into. 

I am so excited to be offering this one-day event ‘Deepen Your Intuition!’ Not only is it going to be a lot of fun, but it’s just what you need to help you step into a new way of moving through your life. Read on and let’s see if this event is for you. (I think it is!)

  • you keep thinking there has got to be something more to life!
  • you know you have some connection to your higher-senses but you haven’t figured out what to do about that.
  • you are a super sensitive soul who is impacted by the emotions of others and the happenings around you.
  • you want to take your next step on your Spiritual journey.
  • you are curious, open, and looking for guidance on deepening & understanding your experience of life.

 What To Expect

We’re Going to Learn…!

-how and why we are here and the true purpose of our lives.

-about the different forms our intuition take.

-the primary reason you may not trust your own intuition (and do healing work to clear    it.)

-why and how understanding & deepening your intuition can help you create flow.

We’re Going to …!

-clear energies that stop us from using our intuition.

-remove information that blocks us.

-learn how to trust the information you are receiving.

Creating Flow…!

-you’ll also learn some energy tools to help you create balance and flow in your life.

-and you’ll learn some energy tools to help protect yourself energetically.

-most of all, we’re going to have fun!



Grab Your Seat!

Space is Limited!

Where in NYC? 

We’ll let you know.

Investment: $99

Gratitude Offering!

Free for Christine’s Students

Register by 9/15/17 for your free ticket

Free tickets must be purchased and your purchase fee will be returned at the event when you attend. If you do not attend, your fee will not be returned. There are no refunds for non-attendance.