Do you know what a Cosmic Correction is?

It’s when something happens in our life that is so big and so life changing and it’s purpose is to put us on our path.

Some people feel it’s God or the Universe that does the course correcting. After years of working with people, I’d say it’s our own Spirit, but whatever you believe, Cosmic Corrections are the equivalent of an invisible hand stepping in and creating change.

I actually love cosmic corrections because, without them, we’d be wandering, or lingering in a place that won’t help us accomplish what we wanted to experience this lifetime.

The thing with Cosmic Corrections is that they always start off gently and quietly with a little nudge that says ‘hey, you aren’t in the right place.’ Because we are human, we often ignore the gentle quiet nudge and we carry on with whatever it was we were doing and however it was that we were doing it.

Cosmic Corrections then proceed to get louder and louder, until they are so loud that you simply cannot ‘not’ listen and that’s what so many of us experience. That loud, can’t be ignored Cosmic Correction often comes in the form of  a health crisis or a dramatic event of some sort; it’s always something that is so loud you that you just can’t turn away from it. It makes you sit up and say, ‘I should be doing something else.’

Avoiding the Cosmic Correction

Well, you can’t really avoid it all together, but what you can do is recognize it right off the bat when it’s that quiet, gentle nudge; when it’s a whisper that you are not in the right place, or doing the right thing or pursuing something that is not in alignment with who you are.

As someone who is sensitive, you know. You have your own spidey sense that tingles when something isn’t right in your life. The question is how often do you listen? If you’ve been programmed to dismiss what you know (which primarily happens during our childhood,) you might be inclined to downplay that knowingness.

If you do, it’s time to stop. It’s time to dust off your finely tuned senses and start to listen to those messages that come through feelings, senses, and thoughts. Trust that if something doesn’t ‘feel’ right to you, it probably isn’t and start to look for solutions and options that will help you change your circumstances before your own Spirit forces you to make those changes.