Christine is well known for her work with animals. Her unique ability to connect at the Spirit level provides clear and Spirit level communication and interaction. What makes her readings so powerful is that at that Spirit level, she is connecting with the path, purpose and highest good of the animals she works with.

Over the years she has learned that animals have their own life lessons to live, and readings are as much for the animals as they are for the people in their lives. The bond and Spiritual agreement is so strong between a person and their animal friend, and during a reading it is very common for there to be important insights and messages for both animal and person.

One of Christine’s favorite stories is of the woman who called her because her dog would only walk behind her. The woman had taken to wheeling the dog around in a stroller, because it was talking too long to get down the street. When Christine connected with the dog, she saw that the dog walked behind the woman to demonstrate what happens when we live in the past – how it slows us down, how it stops us from doing things, how annoying it is (there was laughter there.) The woman was living in the past. Once Christine shared this and she and the woman worked it through in the woman’s space, she chatted with the dog about walking if not in front at least with the woman. Several weeks later, Christine received a letter from the woman telling her that the dog was now walking with her and they no longer needed the stroller, and that she was doing her best to live in the present.