Do you have a passion or a calling?

Do you dream of creating your own ‘something?’

Maybe it’s your own business,

or maybe you have a project you want to bring into the light of day.

Maybe you don’t even know what it is,

but something has been nudging you, calling to you.



I just completed a VIP session with Christine in order to move my business plan forward.   Wow!! What amazing work we accomplished in just 2 hours!!  Prior to my session, my mind was overwhelmed and confused about which direction to go. I felt paralyzed and stuck, finding myself doing irrelevant tasks such as web surfing and “researching” my ideas.  Lots of wasted time!  Once with Christine, she quickly got to work on a specific plan.  She was goal-directed and focused, asking me specific, meaningful questions about my heart centered business idea.  My previous indecisiveness was replaced with structured guidance as we worked collaboratively.   Everything we developed and created in 2 hours resonated with my mission and purpose.  Christine not only has the organizational skills to facilitate growth, but also the incredible, conscious insight for which direction to go.  I left our session feeling invigorated, inspired, and hugely accomplished!  Christine is my secret weapon.  Without her, my ideas would not be put into motion.  I would encourage anyone wanting intuitive and practical guidance for your life or business to pursue working with Christine.  She sees your highest potential, beyond what you could even consider for yourself, and supports you in achieving it.

Linda Groszyk

CEO, ProSocial

So here’s the thing. I know not everyone is at the place where they have the havingness to invest in their visions. Linda is and it’s paid off for her.

But what about you?

You’ve got a dream or something is calling you, just like it was calling Linda. And I want to help you too.  

What I did was spend some time in my meditation to see what I could do and this is what came to me:

A 5 Day Program that is one-third the cost of a VIP session.

You get the same tools, guidance, and insight. The same powerful one-on-one, magic making opportunity to work with me, only in a small group setting via Zoom (online video conference.) Plus you get to gather ideas and information from the other students in the program!



Here’s How It Works

There are five live calls with me.

We’ll work through steps to help you bring your passion to life. 

And then I’ll work with each of you one-on-one to help you tease out, refine, clarify whatever you are working on.

Here’s what we are going to focus on:

Module 1: Define your passion & purpose statement or P&P as I like to call them.

Module 2: Define your core values

Module 3: Define what you are passionate about

Module 4: Mind Map It 

Module 5: Refine It 

What to expect:

If you have an idea of what you want to do, you can expect to come out of this program with a more fully defined concept, something that is actionable, meaning, something you can start to build upon.

If you don’t have an idea of what you want to do, the result is open-ended. You could come out of this knowing what it is that is calling you and how to turn it into something, or you could come out of it with more threads to follow that will lead you to something else.  


Why Make This Investment? 

This investment could help you cut months, even years off of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.

It could help you create a structure that will work, and help you avoid many pitfalls heart-centered business owners experience.  

It could help you create a plan to take the steps you need to birth the vision that’s been calling to you.

If you are called to ‘do something,’ it’s important to listen and act upon that calling. The more you push it off, the louder the calling gets.

(*could, because each of our processes is different and there is never a guarantee of what will happen.)

What’s The Investment?


If you have Paypal Credit – take up to 6 months to pay.

Sign up today, space is limited in this program to make sure I can work with everyone. 

Live Class Dates & Times

Monday, September 25 @ 11:30 AM ET

Tuesday, September 26 @ 11:30 AM ET

Wednesday, September 27 @ 11:30 AM ET

Thursday, September 28 @ 11:30 AM ET

Friday, September 29  @ 11:30 AM ET

 *my students come from all around the globe – there is no ‘perfect’ time to hold a class. If you really want to do this, you will make the space for it.