I’ve been helping people better understand their own life journey for almost 20 years now and although each of us is individual in our experiences, we have some major common denominators.

We are all here to learn, heal and grow. Some of us do it with more ease than others, some have more conscious awareness and some have yet to begin their work. But at the end of the day, we are all here to evolve the collective.

My mind always turns to ‘how are we doing that, what does it look like and how can we make it easier on ourselves?’

The Wake-Up Call

At some point on our path we have a ‘wake-up’ moment where we realize that something is missing, something isn’t quite right or somehow, we’ve ended up somewhere and we don’t know how we got there.

I had that experience. It was 1998 and I was walking to work in Downtown Denver when, like a flash of lightning, I found myself thinking, ‘how did I get here?’ It wasn’t that I was unhappy in my life, but I was keenly aware that I had been sleepwalking through my life and now I was awake. Your story may be a bit different, you may have had a cosmic correction, one of those moments when something greater than you says, ‘you can’t do it this way anymore,’ or you may just feel like your life isn’t the life you are meant to be living.

You Want More

But whatever has brought you here, I know with certainty it’s because you want MORE in your life and that ‘MORE’ can be anything. Sometimes we just want more space or more peace; and other times we want a richer, fuller, more complete life.

I can tell you this, we are at a place in our collective growth where you must CHOOSE to take each step forward. No longer can we just ramble along with growth dropping like an apple from a tree and hitting us on the head. If you want to continue growing, Spirit is requiring that we choose and that we say ‘yes’ I want to take that step.

Sometimes those steps feel scary or unclear, but that energy is there so that you check in and make that conscious choice of whether you want to move forward or not. Each step we take in our conscious growth leads us to greater and greater Spiritual power, so these steps are not taken lightly and they must be taken consciously.

And that’s where working with me comes into the picture.

Feed Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Our mental bodies love to gather information and trick us into thinking that because we read it or learned it that we’ve got it. But gathering the information is almost a distraction today because without embodying the information, you don’t actually learn, heal and grow. You just learn. When we work together, whether in coaching, classes or a retreat setting I teach you the information, then I give you tools so that you can move energy and support your healing and when you do that,  you grow.

If you are here, digging around, curious, feeling excited or maybe even a little anxious, I’d encourage you to sign up for a Discover Session. That’s why I offer these. It’s a simple, easy, way to experience how I work, get some insight, do a little healing and see how you grow from it.

Create A Life You Love

What I know is that we can and should create lives we love and the only reason we don’t is because we get stuck in the energies and pictures that surround us of who we and others think we are, what we think is possible or impossible and we believe all of that to be true.  I also know that reading a book verse working with me one-on-one or in a group setting are two very different experiences. One feeds your mind and makes you think you are growing; the other feeds your body, mind, and soul and helps you create real change in your life.

I’m glad that you are here. By being here, you’ve made a conscious choice. By being here, you’ve taken a step. By being here, you’ve said yes and recognized that something is missing, either in your life or in the way you are trying to grow.

I hope you take the next step into a Discovery Session or a class or a workshop.