Welcome to 2018! An ’11’ Year! A Year of Conscious Choice

We are just coming out of a ‘1’ year which is a year of personal growth and heading into an ’11’ year which is a year of maximizing that growth.

This is also a year in which conscious choice is going to take center stage.

If you felt as though you were being called in 2017 to step up and step into something, 2018 is going to be yelling it, loudly. This is the year to take that step if you haven’t already. If you have, it’s the year to really put your focus on growing whatever it is you want to create, be it professional or personal.

Start with ‘Yes!’
If you’ve been feeling called to do ‘something’ but you don’t know what exactly is calling you, you can start by simply saying to your own Spirit, ‘Yes!, I answer the call.’ Once you do this, your Spirit can send you the threads to help you step into whatever has been calling you.

I like to think of 11 years as a hall of mirrors, where you look and the image just keeps going and going. The potential and the opportunities are exponentially amplified.

Fear of Stepping
If you have fear around the idea of stepping up, most of the time, that fear is a form of checks and balance – it’s an opportunity to pause and check in. It is your Spirit asking you to consciously choose your next step, rather than just going along if it happens.

No More Unconscious Stepping
The collective consciousness is on a fast track of Spiritual growth and conscious development and we are at a place where our choices must be conscious, not unconscious.

Where in the past we could sit in the place of ”what does the universe or God want of me,’ and be carried along our path without thought; today we are being asked, ‘what do you want?’ What choice are you making? We have to decide. We have to make a choice. We have to take conscious steps on our path. We have to own that it IS our path.

To be in the driver seat of our own life can be as simple as saying ‘yes, I am ready.’ We don’t have to know exactly what it is or where we are going, in fact, I encourage you to still your mind as much as possible because it can only know what it knows and there is so much beyond what our minds can know.

But sitting in the ‘what does someone else want of me,’ space gives up our power and the responsibility of creating a life that we want. The Collective is at a place where personal empowerment and individual Spiritual growth is paramount.  Encouraging each of us to take the wheel of our own journey is the current big picture growth piece.

Waiting for Signs that Never Come?
We are asked to step into the power of consciously affirming our choices and taking responsibility for the direction we head. So if you’ve been waiting for signs and they haven’t been coming, consider that Spirit is waiting for you to step up and to say that you are ready.

Powerful Times
The Collective has been working this way for several years now, but the more we don’t listen, the greater the pressure becomes. It’s like trying to push a billion spirits through a tiny hole and that’s not comfortable for anyone. These are powerful times for personal growth and 2018 with its 11 vibration offers us a beautiful gift to more deeply harness that power in creating what we desire.

Consider making 2018 your year of Conscious Choice.
Consider making this year a year of conscious choice, a year of making decisions from a place of Spiritual alignment and connected to your own wisdom and knowledge. A year where you accept the power that is divinely yours to create the life you love and say ‘yes’ to what your Spirit is asking you to step into.

I wish you a powerful and graceful 2018 and I hope we have a chance to work together in 2018!


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